Weight Gain – مکمل سازی ستارگان نیک Weight Gain – مکمل سازی ستارگان نیک

Weight Gain Supplements
Weight Gain Supplements along with nutrition can help a person gain weight and muscle volume. These types of supplements are based on carbohydrate either simple or complex. There are also proteins, minerals and certain amount of fat in these supplements.
Although different body types are also important factor to gain weight and Ectomorph and Mesomorph types can not gain weight easily but these supplements make weight gain easier even for those body types. In fact, weight gain supplements should be taken in specific time and certain amount to provide lots of calories and 8 to 12 weeks is ideal period to get the result.
Weight gain supplements are famous as Gain or Gainer and the amount of protein and carbohydrate is important to choose them. Gain supplements have more amount of carbohydrate than protein while Mass supplements have less carbohydrate and more protein.
Supplements like whey protein, Creatine and HMB are also suggested to gain weight and muscle volume.

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